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A Note on Genre


That's me! When a show is simply advertised as Ren's duo/trio/quartet ect., you can expect a mix of jazz, classic country, and blues... basically Americana. The album I released on October 6th, 2017 fits into this category. You can hear that album here.

Ren, Love Song

Dolce Musica

When you come hear Dolce Musica you can expect a wide variety of music. We do some country, folk, motown, soul, rock n roll... only the best songs that we like. We play some original tunes and you will hear us do some songs from my record, too! Here is a video of us doing our "hit" single, written by Don Bill, called "Stupid" 

"Stupid" Video

The Anachronistics

The Anachronistics is a funk and soul band with some jazz sensibilities. We put our twist on some great tunes and we always bring the groove. We are releasing 5 original songs on an upcoming EP and, I must say, it's really great and I can't wait to share them with you. Here is a video of one of our original funky jams that we did for the Tiny Desk Contest, "Next to Me".

"Next to Me" Video

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